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Two cats in the very same room,

Both are in pain we assume…

Both are in need

Of rest and feed,

So who must go mousing til noon?

The both of them on the edge,

Ready to wield a sledge…

Or pop out those claws

Hidden in paws,

But each has the other in pledge.

Together they manage to function,

Despite destructive compunction…

‘Tis only loves

Not in boxing gloves,

Kept safe by Divinely led unction.

–Jonathan Caswell




Does anyone reading this,

Have whole days of crankiness…

Am I the only one

To gnaw my thumb

And be tempted to cause a great mess?

Alas, this Sunday was one,

Where living wasn’t much fun…

Despite being blessed

By “anonymous”

Who relieved our suffering a ton!

Pain levels in my leg were high

And had breathing troubles to “fry”…

Visiting hours to make

(Some call it a “wake”),

My wife kept me going with drive.

Got to the wake luncheon , nearly slipping,

Because of an old broad quipping….

I was taking too much

Of leftovers and such,

I never liked a wing-clipping!

Watching CELTIC WOMAN* didn’t quiet

The inner roiling emotional riot…

So I’m sitting to write

My problems out tonight,

‘Tis excellent therapy–why not try it?


–Jonathan Caswell

*CELTIC WOMAN…a DVD of the original cast and concert as first shown on P.B.S. several years ago.






I came home from work

To my wife in pain,

And I was in pain too…

I set the milk jug

Down on the stove,

It was there the night through!

In the morning

My wife found the jug

And put it into the fridge…

When I got up

Later that day,

She wasn’t upset a smidge.

Last night we had

More important fish,

To clean and to fry…

It’s hard to remember

A new jug of milk,

Hearing your wife’s outcry.


–Jonathan Caswell