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Let’s call it tomato magic,

One plant–the other is tragic…

No flowers at all

Will any by Fall,

Fill our tomato basket?

The plant with flowers has six,

Pollination depends on bug tricks…

They both grew

In a back window to,

Be grown in our garden …n the sticks!

We planted some flowers on sale,

They’ve brightened up our little vale…

Continuing to grow

With tomato,

Seeing bright flowers never gets stale!

–J. E. Caswell



(Sing to “The Yellow Rose of Texas…” if you want!)


Oh, the snow accumulation

Is lesser up north,

Not a normal situation

When snow sallies forth…

This one came in from the south

And started early,

Where Worcester has about one inch

In Douglas, over three!

Snow fairies must be dancing

Hard in winter swirls,

Longer in the southern

Woods like dancing-girls…

We started plowing earlier

Out in the sticks,

But up north in Worcester

The plow’s called in for six.


–Jonathan Caswell