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JAMES 1: 2-8

JAMES 1: 2-8

Joyful–yet in shock…

Will we stand the door being locked?

Inmate success

Through nobleness,

This reasoning isn’t crock.

Cas all your cares on Him,

We go volunteering at whim…

He’ll be the Guide

When we in Him ‘bide,

Now fill your life to the brim!

–Jonathan Caswell



Only one, so far, has asked,

Why my sharing is axed…

But he understands

My boss’s demands

And with what I am asked.

It’s different in seeing,

Not allowed to say anything…

If I do I’m canned

At employee’s demand,

Keep wondering who hit the gate swing.

God isn’t through with me yet,

Count all joy the trials we get…*

Problem solving

Our faith involving,

While fears and doubts are met.

–Jonathan Caswell

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