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(What Would Jesus Say…to me?)*

What would Jesus say

To you on a very down day…

Would He reaffirm

You while you squirmed

From spirits trying to get away?

My counselor says “stinking-thinking”

Is why my emotions keep sinking…

That long-play C.D.

Of what’s wrong with me,

In God’s love should be shrinking.

Reluctant to visualize

How I’m seen in God’s eyes…

How can He love

While looking above

Seeing me, without surprise?

Intellectual fact is plain,

Taking to heart’s not the same…

Almost as though

I prefer to go

Wrong and bear the shame!

The counselor said, explain,

To yourself what Jesus is saying…

Encouraging hope

(I am not a dope),

Some affirming bricks need laying.

So where can I go from here,

It’s been years since I’ve thought myself dear…

Too ready to lose,

Failure I’ll choose

Can God let me out of here?

–Jonathan Caswell

* An real question used in Christian counseling.

LOOK WHAT JESUS DID!, …by Carl A. Gooch


Look what Jesus did…

I am born again,

I am freed from sin,

Look what Jesus did!

They said I was no good…

I had no hope at all,

I guess it was true,

All I could do was fall!

But look what Jesus did…

I am born again,

I am freed from sin,

Not my doing…Jesus did!

I did not know–I did not see

I was a slave bound in chains…

Jesus suffered and died for me,

My wicked ways He changed!

Oh look what Jesus did…

I am born again,

I am freed from sin,

Look what Jesus did!

Nothing I could do…

To save myself,

To pay Him back,

But look what Jesus did!

–Carl A. Gooch ~ 04 April 2014



(each stanza is a separate one)

Born in a manger was He,

Thrust out with mystery…

That God could

Become living would,

Stepping down from eternity!

Snow and ice all the same

We lift up Jesus’ Name…

For life and death,

Giving us breath

To realize that He came.

In warm or shivering cold

We praise our Maker bold…

His love intends

To save His friends

By saving believers’ souls.

–Jonathan Caswell


Jesus is My Treasure

I’m trusting my true treasure,
My salvation in full measure,
The Son of God Jesus Christ.
He is the one that paid the price.
Storm clouds come bringing rain,
And some day are filled with pain.
My body’s weak and beaten down,
But I can wear a smile not a frown.
Jesus in my joy and pleasure,
My salvation and my treasure.
The true Son of God; the Christ,
The one who is my sacrifice.
The feel of gold I do not know;
It is heavy so I’ve been told.
And silver shines up real nice,
Neither one could pay the price.
I’m trusting my true treasure,
My salvation in full measure,
The Son of God Jesus Christ.
He is the one that paid the price.
Yes, Jesus is my treasure,
My hearts desire, my life you see.
He is my source and my savior,
He brings love true and pure.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 29 October 2013




Two roads diverging,

Each going one way…

In life we don’t find these roads one time,

But each and every day.

I found a woman who looked so fine

I had to conquer her…

She was willing to give some ground

And the rest became a blur.

Engaged to be married,

With a full-time job needed on plate…

Relationship roots, or lack of, bore fruit

About which he could not debate.

She found one four months later,

While he took four years to unwind…

She happily married while she parried

The loser, who wished he were blind.

Another intersection presented

A way to get out of his funk…

He gradually found a way to come ’round,

Had to move, so he packed up his trunk.

Finding spiritual friends in the mountains,

Christians maturing like wine…

Healing proceeded however was needed

As Jesus gave him His time.

In a year or two, drawn into ministry,

Eventually convinced of the need…

To stop his striving and carnal conniving

To be from his burden set free.

And then when least expected,

An answer came out of the blue…

In indirect answer of a plea for support

He found a pen pal, too!

For she had just (he learned afterwards)

Submitted to Christ her fate….

What grew from that initial exchange,

Is, after twenty-five years, still great!!!


–Jonathan Caswell






All praise to the Father Who gave the earth mist,

To water the ground with His creative twist…

The ground fog now

Reminds us of how,

What blessings we have, Divinely kissed.

And whom but He keeps back the waves,

From more than one flood people saves…

Flooding is increased

And we need a High Priest,

To be a Rock like His Peoples crave.

The Rock in our midst–Messiah,

Whose cousin, the son of Zechariah,

Came to be called John

With a mission to be on,

To announce to the people a Higher.

In Jeshua there is Refuge

To counter a sinful Deluge…

That threatens to flood

Any covering of Blood,

That a repentant sinner might choose.

But He that dwells in believers,

Is stronger than the world’s best deceivers…

Call on Christ’s Name,

Vanquish sin pain,

God sees Christ in us, sees us as achievers.

If in Jeshua we remain,

He cloaks us and cleanses our stain…

So Father God will see

Messiah’s righteousness, not me,

And we rise “captives” in His train!

As for the world, it someday will end,

Are you under the Blood, my friend…

Sacrifice is endemic

Even in an abortion clinic,

We ignore or we learn to pretend.

Sacrificing children and trusts

For the sake of personal lusts…

Won’t spare us from crime

Consequences in time,

When the open sore of worldly sin…busts.


–Jonathan Caswell