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He’d like to participate

But has too much on his plate…

Gone are days

For him to praise

God for a leader’s fate.

He’s not on the church ballot,

It’s been so many years…

He doesn’t teach Sunday School anymore

But those who do, he cheers.

In worship, he leads the singing,

Of hymns old and true…

He leads without accompaniment:

Something not all can do.

He’s proved himself unreliable

For much of anything else…

He prays and sings, a few other things,

No major stuff under his belt.


That he needs help with right now…

His primary ministry–to his wife–

To love her more, somehow.

The Lord has promised good to him,*

His hope and love secure…

God will his shield and portion be

As long as life endures.

–Jonathan Caswell

* a slight rewrite of a verse in AMAZING GRACE!