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My family is rather small,

Two parents–two brothers–that’s all…

Not much interaction

For outside inspection,

But her family’s having a ball!

Her party was a big crowd,

With everyone talking out loud…

Some got in more

While holding the floor

But nobody was there cowed!

Cousin Cathy brought Carvel,

An option that went around well…

Seconds were had

By several glad

That ice cream cake was a good sell.

Diana’s cheesecake too,

Diners tried to work through…


Soon mold-integrated,

It wasn’t worth keeping–boo hoo!

We sang Di. her birthday song,*

A day AFTER it belonged…

Parties short notice

Even with good motive

Take time for revelry long!

The next day, the other side

Of the family devised….

A luncheon good

At which Di. would

Be also pleasantly surprised.

–Jonathan Caswell

* Di.   is short for Diana.




A double-barreled blessing Sunday,

The TEEN CHALLENGE CHOIR* came our way…

A missions couple**

Supported decades’ double,

Joined a meal after service to pray.


–Jonathan Caswell

*TEEN CHALLENGE is an international Christian addiction recovery program for young men (I believe they do have chapters for young women, as well), based on Biblical principles that has had a high percent of success over the many years it has been in existence.  It was begun by Rev. David Wilkerson in 1960 to evangelize the gang population of New York City.  Rev. Wilkerson’s best-selling book describing those early days…THE CROSS AND THE SWITCHBLADE… has been published worldwide and has been made into a movie.  Check out: http://www.globaltc.org/

**From S.I.M., “Serving In Mission”…an international society of missionaries for Christianity.  See http://sim.org/