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He thought he knew the game,

Is he the one not the same?

Assuming too much

Is his crutch,

Then withdrawing in pain.

Thinking something inside is broken,

Doesn’t do much as a token…

Realized loss–

Counted the cost–

Not willing the results be spoken.

Yet he’s supposed to talk,

And try to walk the walk…

Of someone healed

It’s been revealed,

That all sounds like crock!

Been promised I’ll “go back in”,

If mood deep dives again…

Putting words

In my mouth is absurd,

I’m hooked into the system!

Plus, I’ve been caught lying

About my thoughts of dying…

Brings sudden suspicion

About my condition,

And how much I’m hiding!



Concerned with his sanity,

Fearful the doctors agree…

His not improving

Will be behooving,

Hospitalization to some degree!

He struggles from day to day,

Mending fences along the way…

Visibly slower

His worries tower,

How longer can he take the pace?