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When Quality Department big-wigs

Move into their brand new digs…

The kitchen will be

Twice as far for me,

Security’s left in the sticks!

They were going to put an elevator

Where our desk is, till later,

We don’t know when

Or where it goes in,

We;re the LAST to know, until later.

They say…the sprinkler room is back,

We can use it for our coats and the power pack…

Helping dead cars,

That duty is ours,

Keeping employees on track.

We monitor video feeds,

Wherever the company needs…

Front, back and sides–

Not much hides–

Especially wildlife bad deeds!

I see all the doors we once closed,

That function we’ve no longer owed…

Rounds are made quicker

Labor costs slicker,

Only first shift has two guards to close.

All the other shifts have just one

Guard, including weekends–what fun!–

We sit monitoring

Nearly everything,

From a command post on our buns!

–Jonathan Caswell