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TWO LITERS OF MOXIE!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Two liters of MOXIE is wild,

Not this happy since a long while…

Twelve can packs of DIET

Could barely stay quiet,

Bought the two twelve packs they had there tonight!

SHAWS in Whitinsville, Mass.

Is where I found this great cache…

A delicious way

To end the day,

Sure hope they have more in the back!!!!!   ❤

Jonathan Caswell



He drinks up the MOXIE mystique,

Without it he feels up a creek…

That gentian root

With caffeine to boot,

Gives a flavor unique!

It started in the State of Maine,

Now Lisbon has the Festival fame…

MOXIE ice cream,

A Mainiac’s dream,

With lots of sugar cane.

It sounds sort of ironic,

Started out as a nerve tonic..

Sodas of its day

Could float you away,

But none remained supersonic.

It moves okay local stores,

But nationally not any more…

A regional treat

MOXIE can’t be beat,

On the internet you can buy more!

–Jonathan Caswell

*”THE MOXIE MYSTIQUE” is also the title of a book written by the late Mr. Frank Potter, about the history and advertsing MOXIE used—including  “MOXIE-MOBILES”


Next week is Cinco de Mayo,

Mexican Independence Day…

And we will certainly try-oh

To start the day with “OLE'”!

A time for flowing beer my friend

But I do not drink…

Since nineteen eighty-six or so,

Improving the way I think.

My counselor and I, that Day,

Will drink to old Mexico…

With MOXIE soda in the glass–

A delicacy, I know!

–Jonathan Caswell


Every day in memory,

For two weeks have had MOXIE…

My soda craze

Is tired these days,

It’s time to stop, you see?

MOXIE, regular or diet,

A strong flavor riot…

In time gets old

So flavors less bold,

Beckon…so that stuff–I’ll try it!

Used to be not a bummer,

I’d drink it two weeks in the summer…

The rest of the year

My palette cleared,

Til we moved back to that cottage number!

–Jonathan Caswell


Instead of a water bucket

On the refrigerator door…

Inadvertently a jar of molasses

Pitched onto the floor!

Swept up the glass pieces,

(Molasses  is really thick)…

Both the broom and dust pan

Got sticky really quick!

Sprayed the mess with cleaner,

Enough so I could mop…

The mop sponge was almost gone

So I used bath towels to sop.

Made it safe enough to walk

Upon the soaking towels…

A whole new jar of molasses–

That sure hurts the bowels!

Helped my wife finish laundry,

Hung up up the last two loads…

Got supper for both of us–

Sandwiches on toast.

Tomorrow came her Home Health Aide,

Who .wanted things done right…

If she were to have a good mop

I needed to go tonight!

Route Sixteen was dark and calm,

I’d driven this route for years…..

The moon and shadows familiar friends

And so they held no fears.

No need to hurry–speed limit was fine–

I thought it was only forty…

Found a sign said forty-five*

But i was in no hurry.

Got to the store(open all night),

Boy was that a relief!

-Got my supplies (and MOXIE, too)

While the mop heads were priced cheap.

Drove back over the “mountain”,

A hill ‘tween here and there…

Found it oh so peaceful

Driving in night air!

–Jonathan Caswell



What is he having for supper,

Wheat bread and peanut butter…

Two spoon-flus he

Always has crunchy

Not making too much clutter.

Australian liquorice,**

Has all that he could wish…

The unorthodoxy

Of swigging MOXIE,

Finishes it with a swish!

–Jonathan Caswell

** Liquorice…Specifically “WILEY WALLABY” AUSTRALIAN STYLE GOURMET BLACK LIQUORICE. (naturally flavored)