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Praise to you, God Most High,

For hearing prayer on the fly…

And your delight

Being quiet in your Sight,

Bringing us into your Light.

You would talk with us,

Yet we put up the fuss…

Ne’er slowing down

Nor coming around,

In ways that are not just!

Walking with your children in gardens,

Seeing our eyes at Thee widen…

drying our tears

and calming our fears,

Joy at mutual abiding!

We don’t model for kids,

the closeness and joy you give…

But stay away–

Asking others pray–

Misunderstanding God’s writ.

Pray for me, said like Simon,*

The sorcerer on his own ladder climbing…

Unwilling to claim

Given to him in God’s name,

What Christ, without his help, did buy for him!

–Jonathan Caswell

  •  Simon the Sorcerer…see  The Book of the Acts of the Apostles (or  simply…”ACTS”)  8:9-24.


His counselor says it’s so,

Deep within him tools glow…

ready for use

But no excuse,

He must open up to the glow.

Apparently reasoned thought,

Turns spirit into a tight knot…

Have to let go–

Let God run the show–

Instead of being worry-fraught!

Question: “why am I here,”

Coupled with; “why do I fear”…

Giving up controlling

To the Lord’s extolling,

Holding on to inner realms dear?

Less using of his head,

More spirit is what she said…

Try to relax

In spirit “pax”,

Love Jesus as much as He bled.

Maybe his spirit IS DULL,

Needing more Spirit to Lull…

It out

By primal shout,

And spirit things that he may mull!

–Jonathan Caswell