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Pastor Mike and Tuesday Guy,

On Tuesdays, sure do try…

To inform community


With fun-loving pokes in the eye.

Consider philosophical design

In response to a STOP sign…

Differing theologies prove

Almost no common groove,

On how to interpret the times.

Pretty much comes down to this,

Is the Bible correct or amiss…

If something is fudged,

How do you judge (?)

Then how can you sleep at night with bliss?

–Jonathan Caswell



Jesus and His friends in the boat,

They yelled and He kept it afloat…

He took their fear

Away and skies cleared,

So the kids love the banana snack boat!

On the water–it is watered down–

No wonder no kids stay around…

The power of God

Ignored as odd,

The facts of the story–drowned.

Why not show that Jesus is King,

Creator, controls everything…

We think of ourselves

Putting faith on shelves,

And learning ’bout God not a thing!

One point of the story is trust,

Not how a banana is trussed…

Fear in your day,

Sometimes is okay…

Especially if with danger you’ve brushed.

These lessons oversimplified,

Are why many parents have cried…

As to why their kids

Put Christ on the skids

Preferring in hell to die!

–Jonathan Caswell

Developed from a broadcast of NO COMPROMISE RADIO…on WVNE, 760 AM, 3:30pm to 4:00 pm, today, 5/1/14…concerning an over-simplified lesson of Jesus calming the sea…Mark 4:35-41…and how to better approach the issue.



Pastor Mike, in knowing God’s will,

Points out that we oft change the drill…

From God’s will to ours

And gain a few scars,

‘Cause the ground we thought ours to till.

In Matthew 6:33,

The passage misread by many…

“Seek the kingdom  of God”

So many find odd,

They think it their devotion to be.

But what does this verse really mean,

What info we neglect to glean…

Exodus 9: 8-12,

The meaning we would shelve

Is God’s glory in which He is most keen.

Whatever course glorifies the Lord

The most…is the path to afford…

It’s not about you

Or what you might do,

He is the One to move toward!

–Jonathan Caswell

**From his sermon broadcast Monday, 4/21/14, 3:30-4:00 pm.

on Pastor Mike’s “NO COMPROMISE RADIO PROGRAM”, on WVNE, 760 AM.   See http://www.nocompromiseradio.com.




Today on “Tuesday Guy’s”

Program of “No Compromise”…*

Putting friendship first

‘Fore Gospel is cursed,

And seldom will evangelize!

Somehow we feel we must “earn”

The right to help folks learn…

That Christ is King

Over everything,

Then why do we our God spurn?

Not putting our witness first,

Fearing friendship reversed…

Putting friends above God

Is extremely odd

Without Christ, we CLAIM life is worse.

Be it known where I stand,

That Christ is this Poet’s main man…

I will not deny

He is my Guy,

Wishing ALL WOULD submit to His Plan!


–Jonathan Caswell

* “Tuesday Guy (Steve Cooley)” –broadcasting on Tuesdays, 3:30 to 4:00 pm, (interview with Mr. Tony Miano) on WVNE, 760 AM radio (and the podcasts available at  http://www.nocompromiseradio.com/) . The “No Compromise Radio Program” airs on 760 AM, Monday through Friday, 3:30 to 4:00 PM.  It’s programs are also available on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.





“NO COMPROMISE” Radio today

Featured the nonsense displayed…

By denominational quacks

On divergent tracks,

Pushing common sense right away.

A lady theologian (?) suggests

Replacing Crucifixion by nursing breasts…

The Virgin nursing

She said was less cursing

Than Man-centered violent contests.

This gal neglected to explain

How payment for sin would be the same…

Even Catholics won’t say

That the Virgin Mary paid

For the sin, only Christ could–and came!

Embarrassing to be naked on the cross,

Our Lord chose to suffer the loss…

For glory to come

And peace for the ones

Who willingly believe Christ paid their cost.

I don’t think the Virgin’s breasts bared

Are appropriate visually shared…

That “theologian” didn’t offer

Her own to proffer,

The point being she was justifiably scared.

Maybe the Ephesus temple

For her, conveniently resembled…

The foolishness heard

That she then conferred

On the conference, being way too mental.

Does God have mothering–of course—

Jesus’ comments about mother hens wasn’t forced*…

Inserting modern crap

To avoid a Bible tapped,

No wonder her church’s brain and spirit have divorced!


–Jonathan Caswell

*See Luke 13: 31-35