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(Would it be respectful to sing this to “Popeye the Sailor Man”? That is up to you. Numbered footnotes revealed at poem’s end.)

Why do other religions hate Paul…
Educationally, he was able to connect all
Old Testament prophesy
With Christ’s ministry
And how we should respond to His call!

Paul was a member of Benjamin’s tribe, (1.)
Strict Pharisee, no falsehood imbibed…
Zealous to a fault
Until he was caught
On the road to Damascus by surprise.(2.)

When he next preached he baffled the Jews,
Proving from Old Testament, Good News…
He knew what to quote
Choking opponents’ throats,
He blew them away with his views. (3.)

An intellectual like Paul understood
The connection between righteousness and Blood…
To the Jew first,
Then when jealousy did its worst
Gentiles were helped from the mud. (4.)

—Jonathan Caswell
1. Philippians 3:3-9
2. Acts 9:3-18
3. Acts 9:20-22
4. Acts 17:1-5, 10,15; 1st Corinthians 15



Most redheaded friends have turned

Some other hair color, I’ve learned,

I think God is saying

It’s time to stop straying…

And get back into His Word.

Kicking against the goads, Paul said,

Which the Lord said to him when he sped…

To Damascus to seize

Saints, but fell on his knees,

Was blinded and fell nearly dead.

Paul started preaching anew,

From the Old Testament that God knew…

That Jesus was the One,

God’s very own Son,

And God offered it first to the Jew.

Now Paul didn’t emphasize hair color,

So why should I be the dullard…

It is for people’s souls

That my Lord Christ trolls,

Who am I to be concerned with how they’re colored?

—Jonathan Caswell