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(An unsolicited endorsement)

I really love ginger beer,

But all that sugar strikes fear…

Not so copacetic

For the poor diabetic,

Who sheds his mournful tear.

Ginger ale especially “diet’

Generally doesn’t cause a taste riot…

Often watered down,

I’m glad it’s around

But its flavoring is rather quiet.

But in my grocery store,

I’ve found an elixir with more…

Than the usual kick

And it won’t make me sick,

At least hardly like before!

R. W. KNUDSEN “Spritzer” Ginger Ale,

In the natural aisle for sale…

Is my new-found friend

As means to an end,

Pulls my taste buds within the veil.

No high-sugar corn syrup rabble,

Just concentrate juice..grape and apple…

Three ginger sources

Like  troika of horses,

The team rendered strong and ample.

Filtered sparkling water

And fruit sugars promise no slaughter….

In nice ginger ale

Flavor not so pale,

Pleasing to this inquisitive otter!

–Jonathan Caswell

(An unsolicited, totally volunteer, endorsement of this product…as far as that goes!    No otters were hurt or molested in the writing of this poem…and the author is obviously not one, except in an allegorical sense.)   🙂