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ONE KING, by Carl Gooch

One King

Break the seal from my lips.
Let me proclaim your salvation.
I do not hide your faithfulness,
I speak of you before the nation.

I was wandering in the darkness,
No spark of hope to be found.
Great and wonderful your love,
That turned my life around.

Your grace reached out to me,
When no other would.
And your mercy paid the price,
That no other could.

Open my heart dear Lord,
And let the praise pour out.
Let joy and gladness ring true,
As from the mountains I shout.

I will speak of how you came
And calmed my every fear.
I will tell your loving promise,
To any ear that will hear.

The Lord my God is my purpose.
He is my breath, my everything.
He set me free; I will serve Him.
My heart says, I have but one King.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 03 January 2014