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He hadn’t prepared for THIS,

His body was obviously amiss…

Legs shooting pain

With swollen disdain,

He’d face a  lot more to contain.

Exhaustion darkens the eyes

From little sleep–no surprise…

Making his way

Through life every day

And keeping his doctors apprised.

Doesn’t feel fine or foxy,

Got his own supply of oxy*…

Muscular hurts

The oxy* skirts,

A band-aid like two-part epoxy.

Struggle forward he must,

In his doctors’ advice he must trust…

Efforts increase

Or life quality’ll cease,

To be stiffened by encroaching rust!

I’m not sure his wife understands

Why he vocalizes her demands…

Getting so mean,

Making a scene,

Her pain…stays under her command.

He’s paying the price of duress

For not acting wiser, I guess…

Struggling for years.

One thing is clear–

It was never seriously addressed!

–Jonathan Caswell

* oxy…short for the pain-killer, oxycodone-acetaminophen.



Office moving’s a pain,

But part of a business’ claim…

On its employees

To high-tail it please,

For better space usage obtained.

Unofficially I shouldn’t care,

My walking tour is all over there…

My friends one and each

Take longer to reach,

Unless they walk by my chair.

Many offices are moving upstairs

Making room for fashioning lairs…

For who knows whom

Will take over that room,

Such the nature of business affairs!

–Jonathan Caswell



I’ve got some twinges of pain

In my ribcage again…

Some awkward twist

I may have missed,

But the pain has returned again.

Sometimes it feels again

Like the body has too much insulin…

Or not enough food

Could be construed,

It’s hard to take it all in.

One could say it shows I’m alive,

‘Though I wish the pain levels would dive…

Thank God they’re brief

And muscular in chief,

‘Though it’s better if they do not thrive!

–Jonathan Caswell




A woman looked up to express,

Her heart-found thankfulness…

For this man and his wife

Who by their life,

Modeled strength under stress.

And why are they revered,

Not from pride, it’s feared…?

But the Lord as Ace

Takes first place,

Is the First person both hold dear.

As usual, they don’t see

What others do and agree…

That cleansing fires

Purify desires,

So more of Christ in us they see.


–Jonathan Caswell



THANKS TO GOD, by Carl Gooch

Thanks to God
In times of trouble and trial
Sometimes it’s hard to see.
Even in the struggle and pain
I know my Lord is with me.
And I give thanks to God.
When all the world attacks,
I call upon God’s own Son.
Even through the turmoil,
I rejoice as a blessed one.
And I give thanks to God.
When darkness surrounds
And fear comes to call,
I cry out to my dear Lord,
And He is there through it all.
And I give thanks to God.
Even in my darkest times,
My heart is filled with joy.
For what my Lord holds,
No one can ever destroy.
And I give thanks to God.
I fall down on my knees
Tears of joy fill my eyes;
I am a man richly blessed,
For the Lord hears my cries.
And I give thanks to God.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 10 September 2013





Terry-Thomas, in character pearled…

An object lesson

On American obsession,

Ladies’ breasts at attention, unfurled.

His character complained

That the rest of the world maintained….

Less need to support

Bosoms as a sport,

But American ideas have changed.

Women still squeeze and pinch

Their assets with little flinch…

If the prospect of a man

(Won’t touch that other clan**)

Investing can be influenced an inch!

I wonder, in French promenades,

Are bras worn as intensely by maids…

Or do they revel

More in “au naturale”,

Making easier tete-a-tetes in forest glades?

My Mother, having proper bra support,

Considered it part of a lady’s comport…

Seeing a gal without,

The impropriety caused pout

But for me into an interesting detail sort!

There’s been a boom in bra kinds,

And having a wife reminds…

Me to be circumspect

Certain types to reject,

For the pain of underwire grinds.


–Jonathan Caswell

*IT’S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD…a classic movie produced in 1963 with Spencer Tracy, Terry-Thomas and an all-star cast…directed by Stanley Kramer…about the race to find $350,000 dollars hidden in a California park fifteen years before by the bank robber who just gets out of jail.


**That other clan…Some women also like to view other women.  There are blogs for that kind of thing.  I’m not denying its reality…just my not wanting to deal with it here!  That’s a different moral code than mine. 🙂



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The wife came in, sat on the bed,

We cuddled and I heard what she said…

It wasn’t good news

As we shared our views,

The situation was not in good stead.

My said she knew I was dealing

With depression and a trapped feeling…

And so was she

Trying to see,

An answer to all we’ve been through.

We ended up starting to pray,

For us that’s the practical way…

To deal vis-a-vis

With what really is,

To seek God in the midst of a fray!

My wife…I think I’ll keep her…

For her wisdom and spiritual demeanor,

Despite all the pain

One day she’ll reign

At the feet of the One who is our Teacher.


–Jonathan Caswell