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(from a report on COAST-TO-COAST AM, before Christmas,

on WTAG, 580 AM/94.9 FM… an “I HEART”  radio station)


Big Foot, the Abomidable and Yeti

As famous as J. Paul Getty…

Have determined researchers

Who live among birches

And drive like Mario Andreotti*


A researcher claims then….

Humanoid hybrids

Are walking amidst

Us since “who knows when”.

This man (don’t remember his name)

Insists that for Big Foot the game…

Is how to endure

Genetically impure

Enough to stay the same.

He thinks that people gone missing

May end up Yeti kissing…

Or at least finding use

To produce a pappoose,

So Big Foot can go on existing!

Current research wants to claim

That some families contain…

Evidence of hybrid

Genetic alleles hid

From past encounters with the same.

“All they need” to confirm this theory

Is material of which Sasquatch is leery…

Biological samples rare

Would clear the air,

But none have surfaced yet there, deary!


–Jonathan Caswell

*  J. Paul Getty was a famous millionaire who, among many other things, has a museum in California named after him.  Mario Andreotti was/is a very famous race car driver.