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My work ended early last night,

Snowfall was steady but slight…

But I was sent home

Earlier though,

I had a delivery that night.

Stacie is one of my friends,

Who appreciates odds and ends…

Of poetry

Delivered by me,

She says they keep her from wit’s end.

Last night I printed a bundle

And to her store did trundle…

But called ahead

To see they were read,

Was happy to over there rumble.

What joy when Stacie answered

My phone call and was “entrancered”…

To receive more

Of my personal store,

The latest from Christmas I’d “lancered”.

I’d also given my book*

To Patrick as a gift to look…

At Christian poetry,

Especially free,

He eagerly thanked me and took!

–Jonathan Caswell

* My one published tome…SPIRIT-LED LIMERICKS AND OTHER CHRISTIAN POETRY…available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble on-line for their individual proprietary Readers, plus as a softcover at Amazon.com and Publish America…both on line in their respective bookstores.  Was published 2011, by PublishAmerica.