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Those doggone, pesky mosquitoes,

Do they fit environmental credoes…

Malaria comes

Because of those bums,

The bloodsuckers drill through a Speedo!

On the tundra, fifty percent,

Of life–without mosquitoes–will have went…

They make easy food

With a good attitude,

Of major consequence.

Reindeer migration routes

Affected by mosquito soups…

Avoiding the buzz

Important because

Places need time to recoup.

Mosquitoes clean dirty water

Then feed fish and bugs as they oughter…

Many birds eat them too,

And “swallow” a few*

On the wing near the surface of water.

Females go after the blood,

To nourish their eggs in the flood…

Males in the sector

Survive on nectar,

For which pollination is good.

–Jonathan Caswell

* swallows…are one of the several bird types that eat mosquitoes “on the fly”–while flying.

Information for this poem was found at  http://www.ehow.com/.