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I read in the paper a poem,

Whose author nameless shall bee…

Pretended writing ’bout politics

With made-up vocabulary.

They must have thought him the cat’s meow,

Or they were desperate for copy…

His overuse of modified words

Made the whole thing very sloppy!

His point at the end was doubtless

An innocent plea for peace…

Rough and tumble of political debate

He suggested it ALL CEASE!

For a happy little peaceful world

With no more democracy…

Just a dictator to tell us all

Who or what will be!

–Jonathan Caswell

(This particular “poet” was writing in one of the weekly local rags in this Poet’s area of residence. The guy had absolutely no skill with the English language, although by sheer complicated verbiage he sure tried to impress SOMEBODY! ¬†Wouldn’t have impressed my 10th grade English teacher…I know, ’cause I tried it!)