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He had a troubled sleep that night

It being hard to breathe…

Sitting up a while helped

To help him find relief.

In his dream he was posting

But found his words preempted…

With inserted permanent links,

Advertising from which to be tempted.

He had woken up after

Trashing the post suspected…

But frightening was the thought

That we are interconnected!


–Jonathan Caswell

**Folks have left at least one E-mail service after finding these perm-links superimposed into what were supposedly private.





I come out Coffee Wednesdays

To the computer to post,

And behind me when the ladies come

I get to hear the most…

Outrageous kind of language

And dirty stories too,

I am ashamed to turn around

‘Til that conversation’s through!

Oh…the ladies ’round the table

At coffee-pastry time,

Put all their vast experience

To have a real good time…

I’m glad I am not sitting there

But cower on the side,

This group of ladies together

Have such a wild ride!

Those coffee and doughnuts…

Are the ingredients all safe (?),

Should come and see the hub-bub

Among the ladies at this place…

It is not being recorded

For deniability,

We men sit back and let them go

And glory at the glee:

We men sit back and watch the fun

At midweek morning tea!

–Jonathan Caswell






A friend asked about EDAVILLE,

He thought I could use a thrill…

He’s wanting knowing

If the train’s still going

Around on it’s fruit-bog circle.

I’m afraid he was dismayed,

I could not give what he craved…

What’s a train, let me see

In distant memory,

OH YEAH, where I frequently played!

But that seems so long ago

Since I LOOKED at one, ya know…

Of my time most

Is spent on these posts,

With this is my mind enthralled.

So today, I went and looked up

The subject of his interrupt…

EDAVILLE still runs

For the kids and funds,

I’m sorry my knowledge wasn’t up.


–Jonathan Caswell

Information on the 2-foot-gauge train and activities at EDAVILLE can be found at www.edaville.com, which IS INDEED RUNNING AGAIN THIS SEASON!!!!!






I may have started my own little blog

But I still have a key to the door…

To OUR POETRY CORNER to occasionally post,

With my old friend, Ron DuBour.

It gets kinda lonely out here in the wilds

Of Mumford River lands…

Being chief, cook and bottle-washer isn’t always fun,

Until my audience expands.

I’m glad he allows me some interchange

From the “old blog” to the new…

If he didn’t allow me visitation with friends,

I don’t know what I would do!


—Jonathan Caswell