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His holy Name we raise,

The Lord–Most High God–praise!

His mercies renew

Daily for you,

And will throughout your days!

–Jonathan caswell

NEVER CEASE….by Carl Gooch


Lord of life, I call to you this day,

To praise you in the morning as I rise…

Grant me wisdom to follow your way

And rejoice in beauty before my eyes.

With abundant joy my heart overflows

And my lips sing out your praise…

My loving God’s truth, my heart knows,

In worship to you, my hands I raise.

To the Lord my God all praise is due,

My heart knows of your awesome deeds…

I cherish your word of love proven true

On your promises my spirit feeds.

You fill my mornings with wonder and awe,

The splendor of Creation gives peace…

Your presence and power in all I saw

And your wondrous love will never cease!

I will praise you, Lord, in the morning

And will praise you at setting sun…

I worship the Lord, my God and King

Proclaiming all that He has done.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 17 July 2014

ALREADY WON, by Carl Gooch


Friends, as we sinners draw near,

Our hearts shed repentant tears…

We heed the call of God’s Son

For His blood our victory won.

How sweetly angels sing,

Hearts lifting and bells to ring…

Lowly sinners doomed to the grave

Were on the cross saved!

Freed to love, praise and live in His glory

We’re born again to confess His story…

We sinners are made anew,

That’s how much God loves me and you.

Hold your head up to hear battle cries,

Be strong, courageous—th’end is nigh…

Nothing without Him can be done

But with Christ it’s already won!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 27 May 2014