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It took a lot of Prayer

I was running wild like I didn’t have a care,
While momma head was bowed in prayer
Oh I didn’t know what prayer could do,
But momma knew god’s promises true.

Every time I saw her, she was deep in prayer,
Sometimes it takes a lot of prayer to get anywhere.
I would ask her what she was praying for.
She would smile and say, this prayer’s for you.

Well I was as wild as they came acting a fool,
Partying and fighting, man, I thought I was cool.
I was in trouble with the law, just for being me.
I didn’t see the harm.. I was too blind to see.

Momma prayed and prayed to God above;
Trying to save the restless child she loved.
She read her bible and spoke His word,
Trusting God in every promise she heard.

Well it took a lot of prayer to get anywhere.
God heard and answered Momma’s prayer.
And now I know just what prayer can do,
You see the answer is standing in front of you.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 12 June 2015



Passing vehicles roadside,

I pray that they have relied…

Upon a cell phone

To call home

And a tow truck for which they have spied.

Me?  I don’t have one,

When I broke down it wasn’t fun…

Other’s kindness saved

Me from circumstance braved,

I really should activate one!

Coming into present times

With no more phones that will take dimes…

May force me to view

A cell phone’s value,

Neglect is an avoidable crime.

–Jonathan Caswell



(This work has both Scriptural principles and opinion of the author mixed-in)

Pastor Mike and Tuesday Guy

On radio* asking why…

When saving a soul

One prayer is the whole,

Of belief in Jesu Who died?

So many look upon that prayer

Guaranteeing they’ll live up there…

It’s religion of works

With fire escape perks,

Like doing something on a dare.

Arminian thought is more real

Than one prayer being heavenly sealed…

A flash-bang dies

With no Spirit ties,

No growth and dead seed is revealed.

One prayer and infant baptism,

The source of disagreement and schism…

Some claim that’s enough,

Traditional stuff

That puts the Bible to derision!

Now where in the Bible is the prayer

That one must say by rote when saved there…

There isn’t any text

That says “do that next”,

But as you grow into the Lord, your faith is there.

Pentecostals and Charismatics use one date

Of their “being saved” to validate…

Their “chops” as Spirit-filled

Believers that God has willed,

So that others their “higher level” appreciate!

–Jonathan Caswell

* Gleaned from the Tuesday broadcast of NO COMPROMISE RADIO, heard 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm, 4/15/14…on WVNE, 760 AM. Podcasts and other information available at: http://www.nocompromiseradio.com  Broadcast was entitled: CHILD EVANGELISM, PART II.



Sitting in the bathroom

Reading from God’s word…

The mind wanders to regret

Of past mistakes interred.

Times where one’s mind did slip

Into self-righteousness…

Not being careful where I was,

Stepping into what kind of mess !

Stories of pastors whose

Lives became fraught

By indiscretions,

Especially when caught.

And those few major media mates

Who wouldn’t knuckle under…

Found themselves pariahs,

Empires torn asunder.

Laughing stock of laughing-stock,

It still brings a shiver…

So-called giants of the Lord

Sent up the river!

Knowing what a target feels

In my own small way…

I urge all under the Lord,

To for leadership pray.

–Jonathan Caswell




They met inside of Wal-Mart,

Considering the discount cart…

One asked, “where did you park?”

Some prayer to spark,

I’ll be there when you come out.

He got his business done

And went out to the other one…

Who wanted to pray

In his own way,

Sufficiently to the Holy One.

He picked a Scripture to play,

Off his I-phone, by the way…

With laying on of hands

His reading demands,

The Bible he dare not betray.

Signs and wonders he expected to see,

A healing by Spirit decree…

Expected or not,

All that he got

Was declared by the other, being stress-free.

This healed one had encountered before

Folks who would spiritually implore…

By the Spirit they hear,

“Please, don’t interfere,

“With MY praying your health to restore!” 

The prayed-for one cannot knock

The other one’s spiritual stock…

He himself is accused

Of by God’s Spirit to have been used,

His mystical belief is not crock!


–Jonathan Caswell



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New York, New Jersey, West Virginia

And many places in-between…

Folks have friends and family

That they have not yet seen.

We can get through by cell phone,

Nor even by land line…

We don’t have any knowledge

If they’re hurt or just fine.

Snow in West Virginia

And rain everywhere…

Another storm is on the way,

Will they be safe out there?

Everyone, while grateful

To be spared personal loss…

Remember those now without,

Paying a heavy cost.

We pray for those still missing,

As we search for our own…

Join those searching for lost ones

so they can find the way home.

—Jonathan Caswell



The God of all creation

Expressed in wind and rain…

The power of a mighty storm

In glory to His Name.

Hurricane Sandy’s tentacles

Up and down the seaboard reach…

It’s not often casinos close

To hear God’s creation preach!

Empty flagpoles clank noisily,

Their flags are in to dry…

Please pray for those in the midst of the storm

As furies around them fly!

Our Most Excellent God

In a whirlwind makes his home…

Like Job* we stand at His command,

And take in our hearts His tome**.

—Jonathan Caswell

NOTES: *”Job” is pronounced “Jobe” in English.  The Book of Job is in the Old Testament of the Bible.  Chapter thirty-eight, verse one describes God speaking to Job “out of the whirlwind”(KJV)  or, “out of the storm” (NIV).

                **God’s tome is the Bible, both Old and New Testaments…and for some Christians, including the Apocrypha.