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It’s hard to look at aging

With hormones a-raging…

But easier still

To know you will,

But it will not be your youth upstaging!

For some of us, our prime

Was years ago in time…

We feel “kinda” squirrelly,

We got old too early

And missed out on those miracle enzymes!

For others, young love is ending,

(It hurts too much doing the bending)

That “empty gun”**

Is worn out son,

Don’t waste time in spending or pretending.

–Jonathan Caswell

**”empty gun”  is an analogy used in bawdier vaudeville routines.




Is the spirit of Jacob alive

In the church and mosque it survives…

And anywhere

Else that it dare,

Inhabit people full of jive?

A judgmental young man I know,

Says because of those people, won’t go…

To religious service,

‘Cause he’s not impervious

To the backbiters who always show.

And Christians I know have fled

The church because of wounds out-bled…

By people within

Too wrapped up in sin,

Who pretend their old nature is dead.

Is our bar of expectations too high,

For folks to give God a try…

Do we expect perfection

Upon close inspection

And when not, judgment will fly?

The Lord “ain’t done with me yet”

So how can new seekers vet…

The claims of our King

While so many swing

At anyone who dares to object?


–Jonathan Caswell