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I see it on the highway

While driving home from town….

At two in the morning,

One window shining down.

A big brick building next to

A green GUINNESS* sign…

With a leaping Polish dancer

Painted “GOLEMO FOODS” so fine!

It’s in the Canal District

Of good Worcester** town…

This  building is lit up at night,

Proudly in its renown.

Westbound on I-290,

One drives right by it…

Generally for most of the year

Only one window is lit.

Then sometime in November

Of two thousand-thirteen…

A few more windows were left lit,

In the early morning scene.

Can only think that things revved up

For celebration time…

More “late night oil” properly spent,

To avoid being understocked–a crime!

GOLEMO FOODS are properly known

As being the best of the best…

In the busy season,

Quality knows no rest!


–Jonathan Caswell

* GUINNESS is the internationally famous dark beer, sold in that neighborhood at an Irish pub whose advertising sign includes a large green Irish hat for a billboard.

** “Worcester (Massachusetts, in the northeast U.S.A.)” is pronounced either “WUH-ster”  or sometimes “WISS-ster”  in this neck of the woods.  Hence, although the word “Worcester” has three apparent syllables, it is in fact pronounced with only two…keeping the poem’s rhythm intact.   (Phone operators, telemarketers and anybody else from outside this area invariably screw up the pronounciation!  :). )