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I don’t know what the problem was,

But a lot of blue lights* flashed,

Nearly every mile or two

Some poor guy’s bad luck hatched…

Though some had vehicles towed off

I’m glad I wasn’t one,

I’ve spent my time on the roadside

And at night it isn’t fun!

–Jonathan Caswell

* In Massachusetts…that means THE COPS!!!!  🙂



I wanted to write a poem

On man’s attitude toward

How to treat women…

It seemed above-board.

I thought  a healthy attitude

Of respect some distance required…

A way to avoid getting close,

Until meeting the girl inspired.

Then Jimmy and Karen Evans,*

The ministry…MARRIAGE TODAY…

Told of a study

That tore my assumptions away.

Jimmy Evans cited a study,

He didn’t say just where…

Where young men saw “R” movies

Which changed attitudes they shared.

After watching but three movies,

Don’t know the measures used…

Young men thought women were objects

For pleasure being abused.

Although the study didn’t measure

Woman’s views to any degree…

Would be logical how girls view themselves

Depends on female roles seen.

These attitudes must’ve been learned somehow,

Originally through Mom and Dad…

Observing them and folks outside

Molding the attitudes had.

We seem to learn by example

Through parents and movie roles…

Respect for women or playing the vamp,

Whichever is etched on souls.

–Jonathan Caswell

* See http://marriagetoday.com/ .  I believe the subject came up during the September 29, 2013, TV broadcast.



In Cleveland, Ohio,

Three women and a child freed….

From ten years cooped up

In some form of slavery.

Discussed on radio last night,*

A psychologist suggested

That time be sought for them to debrief

Without being media-molested.

“His wife”** went through similar things,

Nearly ten years of fright…

She didn’t know when she’d be attacked:

It would be outside at night.

For her it was an older kin

That kept her in chains…

But when her family found out,

They took extra special pains…

To shut the thing up

And keep it extra quiet,

As though by that it would go away

Not causing an internal riot.

Years and years of hurt

And questions within herself…

Were left churning behind the mask,

Left throbbing on a shelf;

Not til she could leave home

Would the knot inside unravel,

Getting far away from the place

With threatened midnight travel.

The hurt and fear remain

And she’s tried to reconcile,

Being tortured for those ten long years

With a life that now brings a smile.

If there is introspection

To figure out their delayed lives,

These precious ones need protection…

And resolution like his wife’s.

–Jonathan Caswell

*Coast-to-Coast-AM…a little after 1 AM, on AM 580 WTAG.

**A real person, being protected.


His Help, His Forgiveness

I look for help, so where does it come from?
Not by my hand or my brothers does it come.
So I look in the valley and all is quiet and still;
I lift up my eyes but my help is not on the hill.

My help comes from the Lord the Creator of all;
He’s my strength and shield He will not let me fall.
I fear not for the Lord protects and watches keeps;
He is my champion He neither slumbers nor sleeps.

The Lord keeps and protects me night and day;
His words of loving promises guide me on His way.
His precepts and laws teach me wrong from right;
And His fervent love stands guard through the night.

The Lord blessed me with a treasure of a great wife;
He gives me the wisdom to accept His good life.
And when I fall flat on my face and fail making mess;
He dust me off and reminds me of His forgiveness.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 25 April 2013



In the midst of an old man’s fantasy

About a young girl he adored…

He realized, woe is me,

What if her innocence were ignored?

An elder or a younger man,

With evil on the mind…

Could take her as a mere trophy

Then cast the wreckage behind!

He began to pray unto his Lord

Sincere and fervently…

To keep his adored from such pain,

At least ’til maturity.

Too many young ones taken

By evil men for lust,

Are broken down and lose their souls…

Betrayed by unknowing trust.

The innocence of childhood

In a body that looks adult…

Still needs to be protected,

Not cheated by craft and guilt.

He enjoyed the innocent laughter

That the young woman produced…

Ashamed of his own thoughts after,

How he wished she was ne’er seduced

To give up what and whom she was,

For a single time of loss…

Until the time she could willingly

Love a man who was worth the cost!

He had no daughters, neither sons,

But he felt a burden true…

Praying to protect the innocent ones

Including perhaps you, too.

–Jonathan Caswell