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A theological question have I,

That some wish wouldn’t be tried…

Do debts come first

To be reimbursed,

Or is first to be paid, the tithe?

A Scripture says somewhere,*

If you owe your brother, leave it there…

Go be reconciled

Til your brother has smiled,

Come back and then present there.

Those with limited income,

Are they allowed to only give some?…

Til their debts paid,

These days they’re not laid

In prison til they’ve paid everyone!

Certain TV preachers insist,

Pledging what you don’t have will be blessed…

One is blessed by increase

But when that’s ceased,

Is it okay to avoid money mess?

Some have tithed and then had to live

On whatever the church could give…

If they managed their own,

Keeping more at home

Household funds might be less of a sieve.

Does tithing “magic” make it always okay

To throw proper management away…

I wish preachers would take

More time to make

Messages for those of us who must pay!


–Jonathan Caswell

* Matthew 5:23-25




Practicing Christians know

Out of their heart will flow…

What is put in,

Righteousness or sin

Or whatever we choose in tow.

Busier, busier lives,

Oft push our Lord aside…

“Why read a Book,

“When it’s easier to look

On the internet as an aside?”

We shun discipline

And wonder why we still sin…

The Bible isn’t able

To fill and enable

Unless studied well within!

It’s not enough to just quote

A few favorites and float…

We actively wait

For the Lord’s coming date,

On His words ignored people choke.

So strengthen that sagging knee,

All the prophets of the Lord agree…

Do whatever you can

To be God’s human,

And reign by a Crystal Sea!


–Jonathan Caswell