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What good would it do possibly,

To admit what can not be…

A relationship

In the bud snipped,

Another secret love to flee?

One acquaintance of his,

An attraction started to fizz…

One-way at best

At his own behest,

Mostly physical–it is.

There’s never been returned affection,

Just friendliness in his direction…

Realizing he’s caught

He suffers for naught,

There’ll never be closer connections.

She keeps her distance too,

To her own love is true…

Not too close,

Nothing to boast

Of, before its started it’s through.

Now letting the glimmer die

Is problematic–why…

He’s done this before

To shut the door

On a futile “try”.

–Jonathan Caswell



He lost his pretend friend,

Their relationship had to end…

Now he is looking

At who is cooking,

Another with whom to pretend.

Another redhead–he thinks,

As at a brunette he winks…

The unattainable

His fanciful

Object to dream instincts.

The problem with fantasy lovers

Is dealing with them when uncovered…

Embarrassing times

Paying for lines

Spoken unguarded to others!

Better stay with the woman you’d got,

That, anyway, is my lot…

But tendencies to

Think things one might rue,

Warn of being put on the spot.

–Jonathan Caswell