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He has a decision to make,

For their blessing’s sake…

Stuck in holes

As boulder o’er rolls,

The bottom of what they can take!

Options there are but two,

Change or continue…

In present course

As things go worse,

Or agree with what’s known as true?

Faith is a curious thing,

Active by listening…

Then obey

Starting today,

Supply what’s missing.

–Jonathan Caswell





(Preaching to self)

You must stop your striving,

They’ll come when they want…

They are not meant as objects

Or jewels you can flaunt.

I know that you cherish love

And warm feelings too…

But if you try to force these

It may come back on you.

So just take it easy,

Happiness isn’t easily chased…

You may just break what is there–

Find friendships erased!

Don’t be so desperate acting,

Let in peace them live…

Being cool must be the rule

They’ll give all they will give.

–Jonathan Caswell



Imagine only so much space,

Making tough decisions to face…

Whom to invite

Or what underwrite,

Can we logically place?

People get into this too,

How much time I have for you?

Are we friends

And something portends,

Or you ‘d dump me and be cruel?

How far can I go in my talk,

Considering it’s a long walk…

From here to there,

Is it better to share

Something at which they won’t balk?

Case-in-point, with my trains,

Deciding which industry reigns…

Scrap or abrasives

Solutions evasive,

But it all takes delightful pains!

–Jonathan Caswell



Growing old…growing colder…

Looking back over the shoulder

To what used to be.

Stuck between youth and age,

Discontent and filled with rage…

Interest is there

But life isn’t fair,

One loses one’s place on the stage.

The things that used to please,

A body’s functioning flees…

With a dance card

Nothing stays hard,

One’s left with a frustrating tease.

Preparing one’s self to lay down,

Give up and melt into the ground…

If time for that

Should be old hat,

Yet not ready to be bound.

There’s life in us still,

It’s all a matter of will…

Endeavoring to strive

And stay alive,

‘Though loss is a bitter pill!

Rememb’ring the people I’ve known,

No more than images I own…

Contorting the way

I wish I could stay,

Yet knowing I’ll soon be Home.

–Jonathan Caswell




Finding awards from a sunshine lady

Brightens a Monday noon…

But when his darkness gets rather hazy,

A smile is gone too soon.

Forgiving oneself is hard but it happens

To be the only way…

To get up after falling hard

And resuming the rest of one’s day.

Feeling poorly doesn’t help the issue,

As feelings run amuck…

Knowing you’re wrong in that reaction isn’t easy

‘Specially when one has passed the buck.

You have to go on–there is no stopping–

For rewriting what one has said…

Just make amends and try to do better,

Before a relationship is dead!


–Jonathan Caswell