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Ninety minutes or less,

i’m bound for a weekend’s rest…

Except for

An occasional chore,

And the chance to live undressed!

Eighty-five minutes and counting,

Anticipation’s mounting…

To see the Missus,

Get a few kisses

And sing some praise resounding!

–Jonathan Caswell

PEACE AND REST, by Carl Gooch

Peace and Rest

In God my soul always finds rest;

His faithfulness has stood the test.

In days of trial He helps me cope;

The Lord is my promise and hope.

He alone is the rock of my salvation,

He is my fortress never to be shaken.

My life, my honor upon God depends;

But I fear not for His love He sends.

When I am weak and my storms are huge,

I turn to Him my mighty rock, my refuge.

He has my trust in all things, in all time;

I pour out my heart and His peace I find.

My Creator knows the number of my days;

And His love and promises guides my ways.

He has blessed me with friends here below;

He is with loving comfort for them,

When it comes time for me to go.

When my time ends and my duty’s done;

I will heed the final call of God’s own Son.

I will walk no more in this world of pain,

But sing His glorious praises in loving refrain.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 03 January 2013