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I had a dream this morning

While I was safe in bed…

A dream about what I wanted to do

Before my youth had fled.

I was in a group of young people

Who each had their own style…

I remember once being in such a group,

Which suited for a while.

Environmentally active,

Each one was in education…

Teaching kids the love of life

Without any hesitation.

When not with kids, we sat around

Taking our life with ease…

Except for studying for a class

We did whatever we pleased.

But when I expressed faith in God

There came a certain pall…

It was not compatible with the lifestyle

To own a Creator of all.

Not all of us instantly know

What we would do in life…

Too soon it seems we have our kids,

A husband or a wife.

To “respond responsibly to a calling”,

The first question of a Boy Scout Award…

I’m afraid it’s taken a lifetime

For conclusions toward that accord!

I wanted to be a servant,

That much I knew from my God…

When I shuddered to think of what the next day would bring—

When my own life seemed to be to me, too odd.

I’ve asked preachers of their calling,

On how they did decide…

For most it was a matter of step-by-step

Working out what convictions would abide.

Very few had a “lightning bolt” image

Of what with their life they would do…

For most of us who trust the Lord,

Our calling we’ve had to work through.

So what have I decided

To do with the rest of my life…

I’ll be a servant to God, maybe you,

Loving and taking care of my wife!

–Jonathan Caswell