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(if you read this…don’t hurt me!)


Perhaps man should be satisfied

With whom passes by being “eyed”…

When that’s not enough

The alternative’s rough,

Finding pictures properly supplied.

He knows Bible passages say*

Sowing flesh can’t save the day…

Yet when nerves get tight

Sometimes just a sight

Of comfort forestalls the fray.

His complaint is with the computer,

Supposedly which is neuter…

Which responds popularly

Imaging jocularity,

To the lowest baseline accoutred.

When he just want good-looking women

He finds his eyes swimming…

In kinky nude

Porno attitudes,

For nearly all search words given!

At least when he searches Fashion,

He’s less likely face-shot by Passion…

Over the top

And topless–first pop,

He doesn’t want bondage-lashings.

He frankly likes “his” women clothed,

The “over-the-top” stuff he loathes…

After a while, nude is boring (!),

He’s no desire exploring

Genitalia grossly exposed!

Has he driven blog followers away?

He hopes that by some miracle, they’ll stay…

It’s not easy being him

Or his friends–catch his whim,

Things that by poetry, he’ll try to say. 

Men and women too,

Have pressures naturally to get through…

Before a dam breaks

Find suitable “slakes”

That won’t make our stereotypes true!


–Jonathan Caswell

* Galatians 6: 7-8…yet sometimes we compromise to get by.  Christians having their salvation by belief solely in Christ’s finished work of His perfect sacrifice and resurrection (His doing only, none of ours)–Ephesians 2: 8-9–still have to depend upon a gradual (in one sense) sanctification to go through in this life…while being declared in Christ to be positionably righteous in the sight of God so we may (clothed in Christ) approach God in the very Holy of Holies, getting increasingly personal with Him. (Hebrews 9: 11-15, 23-28; Hebrews 10: 5-10, and following…and the warning for believers in verses 19-39—!!!)