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This Common Room feels cold,

A bother growing old…

Little warmth within,

Wear a sweater then,

Growing icicles or mold!

Waiting for the Home Health Aide,

It’s the promised time and she’s late!…

What can I do

Because she too,

Has a lot on her plate!

My wife is hoping this hour

To get some shower power…

I sit in the cold

Trying to be bold,

With the happy welcome I’ll show her.

–Jonathan Caswell



He and she have great timing,

Together they’re often reclining…

But when time to go

They cannot both, so

He goes outside without whining.

They’d share a shower with mirth,

But floor joists may not hold the girth…

The joists are sistered*

By hands duly blistered,

Underneath is a cellar of earth.

Romance in the bathroom is gone,

They’ve found other tunes for song…

The married ideal

With greatest appeal,

Is timing so neither is wronged!

–Jonathan Caswell

* Sistering is where older floor joists in poor condition are paired and attached to newer floor beams to share the load under the floor…often on the first floor, over the cellar, in a house or cottage.