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I walked through Douglas last night,

A darkened stroll in varied light…

Beheld those dam lights*

To guide goose flights,

The swans were beyond my sight.

Walking alone in the dark,

My work bag got heavier as I walked…

Its shoulder strap

Gratefully intact,

On alternating shoulders it parked.

Was grateful for passing cars,

I could see down the road far…

To avoid branches snapped

Or by a vine wrapped,

Waking on cement or tar.

The Mumford gurgled peacefully,

As the lights of town I see…

Over a stone bridge

Paced slackened a smidge,

It was a long walk for me!

The grade up twisting North Street,

Reminded of my old Health Aide beat…

Hayward Landing, I was sure,

Was just as secure:

Living there would have been a treat.

Passed an darkened police cruiser where

I quietly passed who was there…

And went on my way

Without delay,

Enjoying warm night air.

Couldn’t see lights of home through the trees,

‘Til I rounded the corner and eased…

Onto the driveway

Where I started my day,

I hoped my shop’s bill wouldn’t quease!

–Jonathan Caswell

*See my poem, LANDING LIGHTS????, posted July 2, 2013.