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What–pray tell–is this eider-down,

Floating on the breeze…

Some describe it swirling around

As stuff from cottonwood trees.

Since this is the North East

And cottonwoods live “down South”…

There might be a few around here,

Near a river’s mouth.

Hard to imagine,

But I think it is a weed…

Gathered by the roadside

Disgorging all this seed!

Those cute dandelion flowers,

A spot of yellow cheer…

So early in the springtime

Have gone to seed for the first time this year.

The seeds have fluffy parachutes

That float high on the wind…

We’ll see more of these great clouds,

As the warmth of summer moves in.

The dandelion’s tap-root

Is deep and plenty tough…

If anyone wants to cook dandelion greens,

There’ll be way more than enough!!!


–Jonathan Caswell