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“Wiley Coyote” is he,

Angling for sympathy…

Especially women

Who see his light dimming,

Sometimes that could be me!

–Jonathan Caswell



(New parody lyrics to THE YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS)

I’m a Dreaded Breather By Mouth

But don’t run in fear,

I just don’t “Breathe-Right”

So says commercials here…

I wear C-PAP nose pillows

So there is no room

For fancy nose opener strips

They want me to consume!

They say my frequent dry mouth

When waking is a sign,

I need to order product

To fix this fault of mine…

I’m expected to play doctor

without the pretty girl,

Do if I have the money

I should give this stuff a whirl.

My “No-Risk” money guarantee

Assures me a whole lot

That if something goes really wrong

My money back I’ve got…

And then it’s lawyers’ holiday

If by  chance I should die,

Contributing to science

The reasons why!

–Jonathan Caswell



(Tune: “The Yellow Rose of Texas”)

I had another dream last night

With all its dirt and grime,

I dreamt I was back in Boy Scouts

But lost in the mists of time…

I was already an adult

Or so it seemed to me,

Being heckled all the time for what

I never could see.

My bully neighbors were in beds

Right next to mine,

With cameras and snide remarks

I was in firing line…

One managed to get me hitting him

To make a better case,

So I would be tossed right out

And denied my space!

We went over to showers

Past rats and evil folk,

The heckling never let up–

Until my spirit broke…

I splashed one guy and managed

To give my soap away,

The scenes kept changing onward til

Awakening into day!

I don’t know how I got in there

But my childhood comes to mind,

Needing to work out frustrations

To which I’m rarely blind…

That awareness to those being used

May come handy some day,

But I’m glad I woke up when I did

Before being sent away!

–Jonathan Caswell



Gave a copy of “SNOW TOTALS”

To a poetry fan friend…

She didn’t remember the tune I’d used,

Some help I could gladly extend.

“The Yellow Rose of Texas”

We then began to croon…

It didn’t take long for the song

To get in rhythm and tune.

She said it was the first time

We’d sung together these words…

Or anything else, we let out our belts

And sang to rival the birds!!!!

–Jonathan Caswell



(Sung to “The Yellow Rose of Texas”)

There’s nothing like an angel

Who stops by with treats,

Appearing at the doorway

With a bagful of good eats…

We take your saltless tater chips

They suit us just fine,

Just pass along your “healthy stuff”

We’ll be the next in line!

We met a living angel

At our apartment door,

He claimed he wasn’t ‘tother one

Who had dropped by before…

Who graciously left pasta

When we were in hard times,

But this one had a smile so big

His heart had sim’lar lines!

We bless him for his graciousness

And thanks unto our Lord,

Who sends by various “angels”

When we need hope restored…

So thankful for the angels

He sends by our way,

Whether they have two legs or four

They brighten up our day!  🙂

–Jonathan Caswell



(“Yellow Rose of Texas”)


He got his medications

With double water pills,

Flushing out his fluid

Will take care of his ills…

With water weight reducing

He’ll easier breathe,

So he’ll not have to quickly

Make out a will to bequeath!

He’s feeling rather wonderful

As he runs for the pot,

Cloresterol reduction

Is not all that he’s got…

All this extra exercise

Is doing good as well,

As long as he wobbles

Carefully to avoid a spill!

His doctors have him taking stuff

With scientific names,

But when they say the name brand

He thinks they’re playing games…

It’s him who must coordinate

Between health services,

So there’s no duplication

Of what the other says!

He’s healthier but faces

Changing what he eats,

To not binge out on candy

Or salty tasty treats…

This is the hardest thing of all

But he’s got little choice,

He’s got to stop fooling himself

His doctors all voice!


–Jonathan Caswell