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He’s blogging in full sight

Of the camera, which is right…

They must have turned down

Wi-fi signals found,

The connection’s not in sight!

He cannot get a scent

On the cheap, as he meant…

To get his way

He may have to pay,

That’s the way most things went.

He’s been open about his use

Of the Wi-fi signal not loose…

He’ll openly show

His hours they know,

Is it mean, their becoming obtuse?

It looks like a dog walker’s out,

A little dog using the snout…

To tell at a whiff

Dog news in a jiff,

That is a reason for “OUT”.

The tax man wants our dough,

Forgiven loans, also…

Income is judged

And will not be fudged,

Can we at least pay it back slow?

–Jonathan Caswell