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THANKS TO GOD, by Carl Gooch

Thanks to God
In times of trouble and trial
Sometimes it’s hard to see.
Even in the struggle and pain
I know my Lord is with me.
And I give thanks to God.
When all the world attacks,
I call upon God’s own Son.
Even through the turmoil,
I rejoice as a blessed one.
And I give thanks to God.
When darkness surrounds
And fear comes to call,
I cry out to my dear Lord,
And He is there through it all.
And I give thanks to God.
Even in my darkest times,
My heart is filled with joy.
For what my Lord holds,
No one can ever destroy.
And I give thanks to God.
I fall down on my knees
Tears of joy fill my eyes;
I am a man richly blessed,
For the Lord hears my cries.
And I give thanks to God.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 10 September 2013




My wife and I are thankful

For blessings from the Lord…

While we may not have a “bank-full”,

Our lives are rarely bored.

We’re thankful for relatives,

Especially those who speak….

To us in commonalities

Like flood stage of the creek.

We’re thankful for family

And friends who remember…

That we are God’s children,

And Diana’s birthday in September.

We pray that we’ll be taken up

In the Rapture, really soon…

And until then, enjoy what life we can,

Whether morning, night or noon!

–Jonathan Caswell