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Preachers and late night talk hosts,

Point to looming sign posts…

Of signs seen

Not someone’s dream,

Events that should concern us most!

Political chicanery,

Shadow governments that may be…

Technological advances

Lessening chances,

Keeping our liberty.

Ongoing discussion from where,

Antichrist comes and appears…

Europeans tend

Toward revived Roman trends,

Toward the Middle East another group steers.

The Rapture will take some away,

Skeptics scoff at that play…

Lack of belief

Their objection chief,

But for it Christ’s believers stay.

Some see parallel signs

‘Tween Muslim and Christian designs…

Christ’s Deity

Muslims won’t agree,

Their Antichrist says the Bible lied.

So much depends on how treated,

Betrayal leads to hostility meted…

Christ-believers love

And called to let God prove,

That the Lord of All won’t be defeated.

–Jonathan Caswell

THE OPINIONS, theological and otherwise are the author’s own, except for the differences between the Muslim and Christian faiths, which have been openly discussed elsewhere, as well as their differences in end times scenarios, Technology advances in surveillance and the specter of shadow governments have indeed been discussed on late-night radio.