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If somebody’s beautiful and young,

He’ll not get impaled on his tongue…

For he read in the papers

Of multiple capers,

Where even the President got stung.

An Associated Press news story,**

About folks who were goried…

When they complimented

In ways resented,

That lawyers’ fees were mandatory!

A.G. Kamala Harris,

About whom the Pres. ‘came embarrassed…

In complimenting her

The press was astir,

And his wife gave him a look that harassed.

Since now it’s both different and same genders,

There’s twice as much risk for the sender…

Even clothing compliments

Can be seen to incense,

Mentioning she looks good in that sweater.

Better say little at all,

And bosses can’t in private call…

Employees to mend

Signals they may send,

Employees have sued, though they were showing it all!

The law says compliments are not harassment,

But are easily construed as attachment…

By someone unwilling

To be labelled by your billing,

One can look and drool but don’t dare step over Their line!


–Jonathan Caswell

**”Kind Words Can Often Backfire”, By Leanne Italie, AP,in the TELEGRAM & GAZETTE, (Worcester, MA), Friday, April 26, 2013, edition.