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Mounting evidence that

Most communications are “bugged”,

Or at least “they” know the chat

Won’t be swept under the rug…

Electronic surveillance

Or the forming of secret police,

Naturally happens in this world

‘Cause power struggles never cease.

Those of us who may fear the State…

Do we not fear God more?

What’s the use of fearing

When we can run our lives full-bore…

There’s no difference ‘tween Rome and now,

The stakes are just as high

With souls in the balance depending on God

To hear their anguished cry.

Are you willing to work for God’s Kingdom,

Do you believe enough to die

And give your bodies to His service

In daily sacrifice?

Brother Paul the Apostle was preaching

Even hanging in chains in the jail,

If we leave results to our Father

His message will not fail.

Some of us are faithful through our children

Bringing them up faithfully,

And those without that blessing

Can do more, naturally…

Taking care of ill fam’ly members

Is a ministry all its own,

We are given the privilege to carry

Them till they are safely Home.

Live your life, my Brothers

And Sisters in the faith,

Our Lord leads us forward

On paths that may not be safe…

Trust yourselves to the Father,

Son and the Holy Ghost…

Be careful to be ready

Where God uses you most.


–Jonathan Caswell