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(A song parody)*

Massachusetts jury duty–

A priviedge for few,

Whomever they may call ion

With  “nothing” to do…

A citizen’s acknowledgment

Of civic authority,

The price of freedom so they say

Picked once (at least) yearly!

A friend of mine is going

For availability

In case a trial needs them


Most stay for just one day

And then are sent on home,

Few there are that make the grade

For jury duty we’ve known.

Some folks are called more than once a year

And few know why,

Maybe their name was special

Catching a clerk’s eye…

All that we know is when we’re called

We hope it ends soon,

Though we’ll do our part on a jury

It’s working time ruined.

So if you’ve had the priviledge

Of for jury duty called,

We hope you take it quietly

And not get appalled…

For each of us must do our part

In this democracy,

You do get paid a small stipend

Icf held for trial you may be!

–Jonathan Caswell

(Dedicated to JOANNE…you lucky   citizen, you!)

* Song parody…sing this poem to the tune of THE YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS.