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As weather is growing colder,

Old Jack Frost grows bolder…

He blows through clothes

And panty hose,

So tighten that coat on your shoulders!

A cat climbed up the tree,

To see what he could see…

And wouldn’t come down

With dogs around,

But waited until evening to de-tree.

A boyfriend groomed and showered,

But his aftershave overpowered…

His beautiful date

And it was too late

To soften the effect of her glower!

She tries to tickle her man,

To prove to him that she can…

The challenge was steep,

He fell right to sleep

Twas useless to tickle that man!

You’ve heard of that lady from Niger

Who was swallowed while riding a tiger…

Tiger acid reflux

Made for redux,

The lady escaped from the tiger!

While living in a lighthouse,

Every morning the light is doused…

Lens cleaning is fine

If you don’t go blind,

And be led around by your spouse!

A story on the Internet,

Is one I haven’t gotten to yet…

Hand sanitizers work

Or of them should we shirk,

Is it too long ago to vet?

While traveling home one night,

I saw strangely arranged light…

It could have been

A U.F.O. then,

It followed me with silent flight!

I hope my car tire inflates

Were the shop people really cheap-skates…

To say it was new

But be worn through,

I hope it stays up like its mates!


–Jonathan Caswell