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—An opinion piece—

Less interesting for a man,

Bikinis are, for he can

See near every thing

No imagining,

Without much left in the can.

Skinny isn’t always good,

No cancer that much skin withstood…

In hotter climes

There might be times

When being near naked is good.

I tend to be dissuaded

By bikinis because I’ll get jaded…

What’s to stop

Removing the top

And bottom for entertainment paraded?

Like every other dude,

Forming a bad attitude…

Practically naked,

Lust isn’t slak-ed

Until the whole body is viewed!

Seeing near all she directs

Women show themselves as objects…

Not for the guys?

Look in their eyes

And tell me what he suspects?

–Jonathan Caswell




I couldn’t finish one bowl,

It got too hot for me…

Embarrassed to throw it out,

I had to, you see!

The cook at work likes

To use pimento often…

So even if the soup’s real good,

My ardor for it softens.

This had chicken, rice and veggies,

Some bits of meatball, too…

If only it weren’t so peppery

It would more than do!


–Jonathan Caswell






It’s hot, I’m bothered and irritable

And long for cooler air…

The weight of the world seems pent-up inside,

And who, besides God really cares?

I know by faith  in Heaven

I ‘ll have with my loved ones a home…

Before I get there

I gotta beware

Of lashing out at someone.

The wife would be an easy target,

She can drive me right up a wall…

But if I take it out on her

I am no man at all.

Some idiots think an affair

Would be a whiff of fresh air…

Their good life sours

In the very hours,

Betrayal occurs in pairs.

Our glorious President

And all the money he’s spent…

From the public till

Whatever he will,

It’s all borrowed money we’ve sent.

And since he can’t be re-elected,

Executive orders rain down…

Secretly stringing up millions

While flunkies push people around.

Of course, the “Teflon Don”

Can scarcely be held to account….

With like-minded minions spread all through the works,

His position is in no doubt.

But could this possibly be,

A week’s vacation from ME…

No tempting of eyes

Or feelings disguised,

Just a chance to float and be free!

My temper is often unsettled,

And sleep schedule’s out of whack…

Too much cold coffee in the evenings

Though I’m testing more my blood sugar track.

This economy is a farce

Perpetrated by folks who don’t care…

Daily changes in stocks are parsed,

While folks are stranded mid-air.

It’s not just that this government failed them,

From the get-go they spent too much….

Siphoning off for their buddies

Whatever power they could touch.

Being re-elected emboldened

Tries for new things on the side…

The ones who still think in despair sink

At the losing of national pride.

But still there are optimists out there,

My wife says where there’s life there’s hope…

Today I’m not very hopeful

If it were cooler, ‘t would be easier to cope.


–Jonathan Caswell