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Sunny, clear and cold,

We celebrate as of old…

A warm embrace

Fingers trace

On skin patterns bold!

Hey–romantic ;love,

Being closer than in a glove…

The day we’re telling

Our heart swelling

Is for our turtle dove!

Presents and cupcakes reign,

Romantic foods by design…

Baubles and things

Give love wings,

Or at least that’s the hoped for sign!

–Jonathan Caswell



Oh, what a Valentine’s Day,

The Missus snored away…

Woke up for lunch

And liked it a bunch,

Eating most of what I gave.

After church I brought home a plate

Of valentine cake but she’ll wait…

For it and the fruit

‘Till then it’s moot,

To ask when it will be “ate”.

Each time she fell asleep

Down the hallway I’d creep…

A neighbor caught me

At my computer, times three–

But THIS TIME that neighbor’s asleep?

My love liked her poem and card

And candy–sugar free–starred—

My slow-bake steak

And potato was great,

On her noontime mu card!

I explained SHE WAS MY Valentine,

Not getting much I didn’t mind…

I helped her put on clothes

And helped blow her nose,

I got a kiss from my love–very fine!

–Jonathan Caswell



A special Valentines Day,

More snow is coming to play…

On hills and dales

That high wind avails,

Whilst we stay inside and sashay!

We have our Saturday dinner,

My wife’s fancy dress a winner…

A Polish feast

For greatest to least,

Ah, community love doth glimmer!

After our repast nightcap,

We ambled home for a nap…

My love and me

Snore peacefully,

In recliners and my C-PAP!

She got a card out for me,

Am I too lazy?,,,

Neither could shop

(Will the snow ever stop!),

Our love is for eternity.

–Jonathan Caswell



The candy I brought home Wednesday
Was opened long before the day…
Minutes past midnight
She took a bite,
I got it for her, anyway!
Not much happened in hot romance,
But we both got the chance…
To take a bath
And avoid wrath,
Of each other, in our manse.
I suppose you’d claim we’re old,
And our love growing kind of cold…
Perhaps it’s true
But compared to you,
I think we are still rather bold!
We kissed and hugged each other
And she went and called her brother…
Finding that he
Was on a spree,
With his new significant other.
We’re going to go on living,
Learning, loving and giving…
Each other a thrill
Climbing the same hill,
Our memories are worth reliving.
–Jonathan Caswell



Hardly the best of remarking,

But…thinking back to your “sparking”…

Was your safe hideaway

Suddenly blown away,

And some caught you both larking?

Think back to when life was young

And tempting activities hung…

Between you two

Wanting to do,

What Valentine’s Day had begun.

Think of those times in the car

When one got “so far”…

Maybe more than one ought

And then was caught,

All steamed up, under the stars!

It seems a long time ago

Since we were inclined so…

To contort

In loving sport,

Romancing our love “no-show”.

–Jonathan Caswell



In the Lobby where I “sits”

Where an employee exits…

There is a display

For Valentine’s Day,

Of married couples’ portraits.

Spilling over on up the wall,

A display case can’t hold us all…

Of couple who feel

Love is real

And are willing to stand tall.

It’s a contest, so I hear,

With chocolates, flowers and cheer…

It brings to mind

That love isn’t blind,

But chooses to stay with it, clear.

Come celebrate with me

That marriage is definitely…


The way to be mated

For the good of society!!

–Jonathan Caswell

“SEASON OF FAT”, by ladyornot.com


When Your Season of Fat Reproduces

pumpkin 191x300 When Your Season of Fat ReproducesIf y’all recall, last year I wrote about my season of fat.  That is the time between October (Halloween candy) and Valentines (boxes of chocolates caramels).  I love my season of fat because I eat what I want and don’t care because I don’t have to put on a swimsuit. What? You made pumpkin bread?  Awesome!  Let me eat the whole loaf by myself!

All of this is great in theory, except that I forgot to stop at the end of Valentines day.  That, and the fact that I sat on my butt using writing as an excuse not to go to the gym, made for more than an inch to be pinched on my sexy elbows.  Apparently fat cells reproduce faster than rabbits.  Either that or some one cruelly glued candy bars and milkshakes to my ass… under my skin.  Yeah, that’s it.

sad 274x300 When Your Season of Fat Reproduces

This is me

Either way, cry for me Argentina readers, for I am no longer allowed a season of fat this year.  I will have to eat rabbit food and pretend to be hot for Halloween. All of this because I’m taking a girls’ trip to Vegas. Sigh.

Loves ya bunches,


Lady or Not… Here I Come!