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Heart disease

(Image from www.oralhealthmatters.blogspot.com)


By Jonathan Caswell


A friend he has at work

Says he wouldn’t be his friend….

If the man were not sick,

And on him he had to depend.

This puzzling state of affairs,

For two who used to fight…

Is now they work together

Seeing things in a different light.

It helps, one can suppose,

That both care for ill family….

The one, his elderly parents,

The other his bride lovely.

They share that common bond

And talk about theology…

Allowing disagreement

To not hamper the work to complete.

The one with diabetes

Sometimes tries to work too hard…

The other has learned to watch him

And has kept him working so far.

One other time I’m aware of,

When sickness led to great wealth…

In Galatians, Chapter four, thirteen,

When Paul stopped there with ill health.

The upshot of that recovery

Was Galatians finding the Lord…

And Paul writing a letter 

To please get their spirits restored.