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Sitting around quietly,

No radio or TV…

What he wants

Is find new haunts,

To blend in socially.

Would be nice to dance with a girl,

Giving her a good whirl…

Before she escapes

Find topics to traipse,

Through their time of peril.

Being close to someone,

Having a little fun…

Making a play

For another day,

Hoping that she will come!

If they go deeper that’s better,

Over time he may wed her…

Just being near

A vibrant dear,

For touching he wants to let her.

Hoping his talk is well-timed,

His feelings he may have rhymed…

But there he sits

Scared out of his wits,

Rejection has made him blind.

–Jonathan Caswell


The forecast  from a guy with a plow,

“We’re going to have more snow now!”

Til April’s end–

Don’t think so, friend,

On Thursday, there’s heavy rain, though!

–Jonathan Caswell