PLACE BLAME….by Carl Gooch

Place Blame

See how our gold grows dim,
How our treasure has failed.
You have torn down our temples,
The holy ones we have jailed.

The priest bringing the truth,
Worth their weight in purest gold,
Are discarded and turned away.
We not learned the lessons of old.

The wild animals feed their young,
And watch over them as they grow.
But our hungry children grow weak,
They suffer for what they do not know.

The innocent ones have been denied;
From thirst their mouths are dry,
In the streets they beg for food,
But are past by, no one hears their cry.

Is this the way of our world today?
Tell me where is our moral outrage?
We are so quick to place blame,
That we fail to see we set the stage.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 23 July 2015

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