WORLD VS. BIBLE…by Carl Gooch

World Vs. Bible


It amazes me how some people feel threatened by the bible. It makes one wonder why.

What’s the big deal? If they are doing nothing wrong why would they feel threatened? And if they do not believe the bible, what difference would it make?

You’d think they’d just let it go.

But maybe what is really bothering them is they don’t want to hear the truth. They are comfortable living a lie. Their lives are so in contrast with the truth that it grieves their soul to hear it.

I look around at this world and I see what it holds as valuable, what it promotes as good and right. It’s a world filled with sin, violence and hate.

So I guess I’m really not that surprised that the bible stirs up resistance. Because the world opposes the bible my faith is made even stronger.

I know what the bible says is real and it encourages me to stand firm. It even says that we will be persecuted for our walk with Christ. So I rejoice.

Satan is doing his best to kill, steal and destroy. He is deceiving many to seek worldly riches, lust and pleasures of the flesh. He is the father of lies his words tickle the ears of a selfish world.

We were created to love our Creator and love those God created. We don’t always love what they do. But we know our God is greater, stronger; His ways are higher than any other! My God is Healer, awesome in His Power!

In this sin filled world the only peace is in knowing Jesus Christ our Lord.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 19 December 2013

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