(Image courtesy Carmen, of the Fashion with Compassion blog)

Fashion is fabric and style,

Especially wearing a smile…


Like bangles to please,

Its wearers  and worth their while!


Simple to complex patterns,

And how tight a fit all matters…

A casual bust

Mostly untrussed,

Older convention shatters.

Included is arrangement of hair,

Interesting beauty here…

Curls or long flowing

A woman’s style showing,

Through good impressions there!

–Jonathan Caswell




      1. Jonathan Caswell Post author

        To be truthful, my other(s) are on hiatus–did I scare them away? Hope not1 Your blog has a variety of styles and fabrics, and you’re pretty marvelous yourself! I’m considering a piece on your daughter with the sustainable clothing store..could you ask her permission for me? I have written on a lot of topics over the years…I am so grateful you are not offended. 🙂 Frankly, as it says in another poem (SOMETHING IN RETURN) from the day’s haul, I thrive on the attention .(!) 😀 And yes–I’m happily married to my wife Diana, 29 years this June. Married an older woman–she’s 63.

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