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Evening Prayer
The evening shadows come
And another day is done.
Many trials were faced today,
But you were with me all way.
Lord of the day, Lord of the night;
You guard me with your power and might.
You grant me rest and renew my soul;
You fill me with your love, make me whole.
In my dreams you come to me,
That your will my heart will see.
You strengthen me in my rest,
That your servant may stand the test.
You fill my night with your word,
Letting not my mind be blurred.
I know you’re the truth, way and light;
I trust you by day, I trust you at night.
Lord, I call upon your mercy;
For the times I was too blind to see.
For the times that I was weak,
Your blessed forgiveness I seek.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 17 November 2013